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Exped DownMat TT 9 LW


Produktet er midlertidig utsolgt. Dersom du ønsker å motta en epost når vi får det inn på lager, kan du legge igjen epostadressen din i skjemaet under.

Slitesterkt og svært komfortabelt liggeunderlag fra Exped. Kan brukes alle sesonger. Perfekt for lengre turer og ekspedisjoner.

Probably the worlds most durable and comfortable 4-season mat of a revolutionary new mat generation. Perfect for long term trips and expeditions.

> Virtually indestructible: Individual air-tubes in an outer fabric shell increase safety. The pressure is not on on the tube seams but passed on to the outer shell! In the case of a puncture only an individual tube is affected and can easily be repaired or replaced. Air-tubes are available individually with down or synthetic filling.

> Excellent down insulation: Certified 700 fill goose down, hydrophobic treated, IDFB certified. Proved FlatValve technology: Combined inflation/deflation valves with one-way flap. Flat design, non-protruding, robust.

> 3-D construction: The new design creates a flat edge to edge sleeping surface. I-beam baffles prevent wobbling and cold spots.

> Durable and breathable fabric: The polyester is soft next-to-skin, slip resistant and breathable (a novelty in mat design).

> Individually adjustable: Each air-tube can be inflated separately according to your comfort zone, to create a cradle shape by inflating the outer tubes more than the central tubes. Deflate the outer chamber to fit multiple mats into cramped spaces.

> Included Pump Packsack with Octopus-Adapter: Instant inflation with the Schnozzel Pumpbag that prevents humidity from entering the mat common to mouth/lung inflation. Pumpbag also double as a waterproof compression stuffsack.

Temperature: -32 °C
R-Value: 7.00
Thickness: 9 cm
Length: 197 cm
Shoulder Width: 65 cm
Foot Width: 65 cm
Weight Mat: 1 400 g
Weight Pump: 60 g
Weight Packsack: 25 g
Packed height: 37 cm
Packed diameter: 18 cm
Pack volume: 9.4 l
Product contents: MatSchnozzel, Pumpbag, Packsack, Repair kit, instruction sheet



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